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A Professional Cable Solution

100% good performance

Sturdy gold-plated connectors to ensure good performance levels are maintained even on longer runs.

Flexible build

Flexible design for easy wiring around corners and door frames without worrying about it breaking or getting damaged.

Custom installation

Can use this speaker cable to pair with banana plugs, U-shaped plug, or connect your speaker directly.

Precise &fluid sound

A custom-designed network can transmit low-frequency energy more efficiently and reduce noise and interference.

A Wide Range Of Speaker &Electronic Cable

Speaker Cable-Transparent

Work perfectly with other speaker systems to provide a more refined, stronger, deeper music foundation, greater dynamics&space, allowing you to be more closely connected with music.

Speaker Cable Red &Black

Changjia's stranded bare copper conductors with red and black PVC insulation, which perform well as speaker cables. It is very suitable for car or home use.

Electronic Wire

Electronic wire and cable are available in a huge range of styles to meet specific application needs from Changjia. Copper or aluminum Coductor, based on client's requirements.

Benefits For Your Business?

For Retailers
With a low minimum order quantity 100 rolls, if you are retailing the cables, don't need as much inventory on hand for orders. 
For Distributors
If you're distributing speaker&electronic cables, enjoy our competitive factory prices & custom logo for your brand from Changjia.
For Manufacturers
Manufacturers of electronic products can make custom cable solutions at Changjia that are most compatible with their equipment.

Need Custom Speaker
&Electronic Cable For Your Business?

Qualified Speaker&Electronic Cable
From A Reliable Manufacturer

Test & Inspection

We conduct a range of tests including bending test & tensile strength test to ensure the compatibility & durability of our cables.

1 Year Warranty

All our cables are backed by a 1-year warranty. During the warranty period, we will give you free exchange for any defective product caused by the manufacturer side.

OEM/ODM Support

We can meet your specific needs for length, quality, speed & application, appearance color, custom compatible connectors, packaging by our professional R&D team.



Need A Custom Speaker Cable Solution?

Fill out the form and our cable specialist will get back to you via email within a day. We can also communicate over phone if that’s easier for you.

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